Soutaro Kimura: guitar, vocals

Takayuki Ishimoto: guitar

Kazuteru Niinomi: bass

Masataka Enomoto: drums

Apr. 2004: Formed a band and named it "folio"

Jan. 2005: Played a first live show at Osaka

Apr. 2005: Recorded a first "2 Songs Demo CD-R"

May. 2005: Started Selling "2 Songs Demo CD-R"

Apr. 2006: Recorded 2 Songs for 4 Way Split CD "DOORS"(IMPS-07)

Aug. 2006: Released 4 Way Split CD "DOORS(IMPS-07) " from IMPULSE RECORDS

Sep. 2006: Recorded a song for "ARTICLE OF PARADE"

Mar. 2007: Released 22 bands compilation CD "ARTICLE OF PARADE" from ARTICLE LABEL

Feb. 2008: Recorded a song for "The Curve Causes a Shiver"

Sep. 2008: Released 1st Album CD "The Curve Causes a Shiver" from stiff slack

Feb. 2016: Recorded a song for "LEADS TO EVERYWHERE"

Aug. 2017: Released 2nd Album CD "LEADS TO EVERYWHERE" from stiff slack

Now: We are hoping to make good shows and play at many places.