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December 2008

P. or R. Why Not Go Forward


By your favor and our effort, folio was able to spend a wonderful and very substantial year. Thank you very much.

While one or two of our members changed the workplace, preparing for the change of job, will achieve social rehabilitation, washing the plate, going to acquire a driver's license, and preparing for birth of new life, we all send busy daily life.
But while now, also be involved in various music in daily life, we are rehearsing the live shows after the year begins, and of course working hard at the music production aiming for the next project.

Our next live shows in January are hold in Kyoto on the 10th and Osaka on the 18th, please check them and join.
We will be able to bring new designed T-shirts to those shows.

We uploaded some pics taken by Yosuke Oiwa at [ nobel road vol.12 ] BIRDLAND, Sendai on Oct. 11, and by Mattsun at [ NO MEMORIES ] IKO IKO, Osaka on Nov. 30.
So if time forgives, click here to check them.


1月は京都でYarmulkeのレコ発大阪でthe SHUWAの企画イベントに出演させていただくのですが、その時には新作のかっこいいTシャツを販売できると思います。

10月11日仙台BIRDLAND[ nobel road vol.12 ]にてオオイワ氏に撮影してもらった写真と、11月30日大阪IKO IKO [ NO MEMORIES ]にて松村氏に撮影してもらった写真をfotologueにアップしました。

posted at December 16, 2008

3rd Sticker

TCCSSticker.jpg"The Curve Causes a Shiver" 発売記念

Produced: Katsuya Matsui

posted at December 14, 2008

1st Album "The Curve Causes a Shiver"

TCCSJ.jpg[ 1st Album “The Curve Causes a Shiver” ]
Title: The Curve Causes a Shiver
Release date: Fri., Sept. 26, 2008
Price: 2,000yen(include tax)

Include 9 Tracks
1. Remedy That Remedy (able to hear at
2. Ghost (able to hear at
3. Count the Night
4. Minuet
5. To the FT, IH
6. Party Line Killing
7. One of the Tenderness
8. Twilight (able to hear at
9. Twine Canyons Into a Wreath

Now on sale.

info@folio-jp.comへの注文やライブ会場物販など、僕らから直接"The Curve Casuses a Shiver"を購入していただいた方には、特典" アルバム発売記念ステッカー"を差し上げます。

posted at December 14, 2008