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July 2008

4 Hours Left


About an album making.
There are just four hours left for mixing.
We are listening to pre-mixed up songs, and think about those to be more better, almost every time except the time for work and a family.
We yet didn't anounce that Stiff Slack is preparing to release our album.
We are still pretty struggling to take us & you to the new grade.

Next show will be in Sunday Aug. 3rd at Osaka.
Check the show schedule for the detail.

アルバムのリリース元は、これまでにも様々な形で僕らの活動に力を貸してくれているStiff Slackになります。

ライブの予定が入ったのでshow scheduleに詳細をアップしました。

posted at July 04, 2008