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February 2008

Haste makes waste


Hi, folks.
First, we uploaded some pics taken by Mattsun(NO MEMORIES) at the end of last year. If time forgives, click here to check them.

Now then, we made some important decisions toward album making, for ex. release label, recording engineer, jacket designer.
We must communicate steadily to build the relationship of mutual trust and tie it to make a splendid album through interacting with each specialty.
Among two or three remainder songs which we told you about before (see the arch. below), one song have been reached a stage to play on show, and also other songs get closer to completion with good feeling.
We plan to carry out a pre-production in the beginning of March.
Wishing we can tell you some progresses about this topic soon again.

昨年末、松村氏(NO MEMORIES)に撮影してもらった写真をfotologueにアップしています。


posted at February 13, 2008